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Pie Chart

[googlechart title="Pie Chart" type="pie" labels="Magento|Wordpress|Prestashop" data="41,32,27" data_colours="fc715b,73dd93,feed84"]

Pie 2D Chart

[googlechart title="Pie 2D Chart" type="pie2d" labels="Magento|Wordpress|Prestashop|Open+Cart" data="54,25,20,1" data_colours="fc715b,73dd93,feed84,48CA48"]

Line Chart

[googlechart title="Line Chart" type="line" labels="Some+Label" data="41,62,21,95" data_colours="FC5A5A,FCA35A,369797,48CA48"]

XY Line Chart

[googlechart title="XY Line Chart" type="xyline" labels="First|Second" data="10,20,40,80,90,95,99|20,70,40,50,20,90,50|-1|5,10,22,35,85" data_colours="FC5A5A,369797"]

Scatter Chart

[googlechart title="Scatter Chart" type="scatter" labels="1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10" data="0,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100|20,30,34,55,70,85,111,80,70,40,20" data_colours="fc715b"]

Shortcode Description & Attributes:

If you need to represent data graphically you can use shortcode for the charts creating.

  • title — sets the title associated with a content block.
  • type — sets of chart type (allowed values: pie, pie2d, line, xyline, scatter).
  • labels — display the text associated with a slice, line or point (separate each value with the “pipe” symbol).
  • data — specify data for your chart (separate each value with the “comma” symbol for pie, pie2d, line types of charts and with “pipe” symbol for xyline, scatter).
  • data_colours — defining individual slice, line, point color (separate each value with the “comma” symbol).
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